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A little over a day left on these... [15 Oct 2007|09:11am]


American Nightmare EP tour press blue #269/300 please die labels
Gayrilla Biscuits ST EP
FSA Born To Lose LP Manic Ride sprayed covers ltd 50
Nerve Agents ST LP grey vinyl 409
Think I Care ST LP Manic Ride sprayed covers ltd 50
All Out War THOSE CRUCIFIED white vinyl ltd 508
AFI Shut Your Mouth LP
Hardcore For Life

[19 Sep 2007|11:50pm]


American Cheeseburger - S/t 7"
Annihilation Time - Cosmic Unconsciousness 7"
Black SS - Foreign Objects LP
Breakfast - 3rd and Army LP
Charge - Whose in control CDEP
Ergs/Lemuria split 7"
Get Rad/Protestant split 7"
Hollywood - Starving Artists 7"
Infest - Mankind 10"
The Jury - can't fight the feeling 7"
Kill Your Idols - For Our Friends LP
Kill Your Idols - Salmon Swimming Upstream 7"
Map the Growth - S/T 7"
No Justice - Still Fighting 7"
Tarpit - Vultures LP
Terror Level Red - Lost 7"
Total Fury - Commited to the Core 10"
The Tragics - mommi im a misfit 7"
Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin 10"
Seasick - Awakenings 10"
The Spark - Nobody's Laughing LP
State - All Wrong LP
State - No Illusions 7"
Wartorn - In the name of thy father.. LP

ALL HERE! http://www.headcountrecords.com/shop

I'll be distroing at the government warning/Total Fury show in DC in a couple weeks, but if you want to get a crack at this stuff first hit up the webshop!! first come first serve!!

Coke Bust 7" is still very available and selling well! Get that if you have not yet.

The Our Times 7" is down to its last 30 copies, its also in its second press and won't be repressed, if you have slept on it thus far its about time to catch it, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE ITS A DOLLAR OFF RIGHT NOW!

OUT SOON: RAGE RIOT 7" --->http://www.myspace.com/rageriot
Hardcore For Life

eBay [21 Aug 2007|01:43pm]


A bunch of rare records.

American Nightmare tour press, Gayrilla Biscuits, Throwdown, Young Wasteners, Saves The Day, World Burns To Death, Victims, What Feeds The Fire, Dragnet, FSA, Think I Care and a good amount more.

Only 7-8 hours left, please check it out and pass it on to anyone who may be interested.
Hardcore For Life

eBay post [15 Aug 2007|11:15am]

Some rare records from American Nightmare, Knock Down, Throwdown, What Feeds The Fire, Dragnet, FSA, Nerve Agents, Saves The Day, Tear It Up, World Burns To Death, Young Wasteners and that's just to name a few.


If this isn't allowed, you've got my apologies. But one semester of college has left me completely broke and now I've got to get rid of stuff I spent the last eight years buying. Funny how that worked out.

So please, check it out, tell your friends who may be interested. And for those in the few other communities I've posted this in, you've got my apologies for littering your friends page.
Hardcore For Life

[28 Jun 2007|01:54am]

ebay post

Hardcore For Life

[07 Mar 2007|05:06pm]


Hey guys, the Coke Bust 7" is ready and ripping, the pre-orders were ridiculous we have received all sorts of trades and a bunch of new distro items. there will be plenty in weeks to come, but in the mean time here as some things we have received quite recently.

Coke Bust - Demo 7"
This is headcounts NEWEST release. Coke Bust from washington dc, with members of Bail Out!, Magrudergrind, The Hate Crimes and many others they aim to DESTROY. You can check some tracks off the record on our homepage!!

About To Snap - Already Dead 7"

Blistering fast hardcore isn't new to London, Ontario's About To Snap, who follow up their demo with this 7" recording of nine tracks. Their sound is a go-for-the-throat blend of speed, intensity and nihilism that combines all of the best elements of Negative Approach, Striking Distance and Voorhees.

Black SS/How We Are split 7"
Black SS continue to crank out the releases, this time with Rochester, NY's How We Are. Black SS continue their Kill Your Idols/Slapshot influenced assault while How We Are play epic hardcore similar to Verse.

Braindead - S/T 7"
Fast and furious pissed off hardcore from Pennsylvania with catchy breakdowns.

Deconditioned - Big Act/Compartment K3 7"
"This band unfortunately just played their last ever shows. Too bad, because I think they were under-appreciated while they were around. This 7" is a fitting send-off though. Two songs of intense JESUS LIZARD/SCRATCH ACID-influenced hardcore. You heard me right. One song is fast and spasmodic, the other slow and brooding. On both the later-era BLACK FLAG-influenced guitar dominates. This band was doing its own thing, and I sincerely hope the different members continue to make music." (AM)

End of a Year - Sincerely LP
As part of the Albany music scene well known for its hardcore and metal, and veterans of heavy bands themselves, End Of A Year wanted to take it in a different direction. Inspired by the Revolution Summer period of the Washington, D.C. hardcore scene (ie. Rites Of Spring, Marginal Man, Gray Matter), End Of A Year decided that it is possible to be loud and honest while being tuneful. The music became a natural outgrowth of that position - melodic and, at times, pleasant but always gritty and married to a punk sensibility.

End of a Year/Three Fifteen SPLIT 7"
End of a Year is ex-members of Madeline Ferguson and Burning Bridges, back with 3 new songs in the vein of Fugazi or Rites of Spring. If their music doesn't take you back to early/mid 90's in DC, their attitude definitely will. Threefifteen's 2 new tracks will transport you back to a point in your life when Minor Threat was all that mattered. A classic sound with a modern edge.

Fired Up - When the Lights go out 7"

CT hardcore! New On Youngblood Records!

Lighten Up! - I'd Rather be Snoring 7"

Kev Somm, Perry, Mike and Andrew are the four guys from Philly that make up Lighten Up... These guys play old school hardcore and they play it right. The fast tempos, straight forward lyrics and the overall attitude of this band is what makes this demo a good one. If you are a fan of the Gorilla Biscuits, GO! For the Throat, or Frostbite, than you should check out these guys. This is a prime example of hardcore done right

La Piovra - Risacca 7"

Italy's La Piovra present a two-song recording of rockin' hardcore that is a little more mid-tempo than that on the recent Youth Attack 12". These songs still have the wailing guitars and Crudos-esque vocals with solid drumming.

Lovely Lads - The Best You've Got CD
The Best You've Got is the debut full length from this Massachusetts band, which boasts members of R'N'R, Say Goodbye, Soul Swallower and XfilesX. Don't be mistaken, though, because this band plays a style of street punk that's closer to bands like Cock Sparrer and Blitz than any of the members' hardcore projects.

Phoenix Bodies - Raise the Bullshit Flag LP

After countless splits and comps, Indiana's Phoenix Bodies have finally graced us with their debut full-length recording. As with previous releases, every style under the massive umbrella of "heavy music" is perfectly mashed together to give the listener an experience comparable to bare knuckles pressed against a belt sander, mixing elements of Converge with bands like Orchid and Usurp Synapse. In an age where too few bands are saying anything worth hearing, this album is more than 10 tracks of blistering music; it's also a grand calling out of pretty much the entire human race.

Skate Korpse - S/T LP
Paying homage to early '80s skate and surf punk, Rochester, NY's Skate Korpse collect all of their 7"s, splits and comp tracks on one convenient hand-screened LP along with a bunch of unreleased tracks.

Walk Aside - This Ain't No Market, and We Ain't No Commodities 7"
Walk Aside are a seldom talked about, but quite excellent hardcore band from the French speaking part of Canada. Walk Aside have a later-period MINOR THREAT sound mixed with a little bit of DAG NASTY just for good measure. It’s reviews like these that make doing this pain in the ass fucking zine worth it because without these guys sending me their shit (you reading and me writing) might not have known how good these guys are. If you make an effort to hunt this down I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

We The People - Time to Operate 7"

Chuck from Black SS on vocals doing a more slowed down punk band. These guys rip, don't sleep on this one!


LABELS AND DISTROS GET IN TOUCH!!!! headcountrecordsATgmailDOTcom

Hardcore For Life

[31 Jan 2007|11:43pm]




Coke Bust has members of such bands as Bail Out!, Magrudergrind, and the Hate Crimes just to name a few.

wanna give them a listen?
you can check them out on our website or their myspace


do not wait on this, they sold like 60 copies on the road in like 4 days.



Hardcore For Life

[13 Nov 2006|10:53pm]

Here is a quick list of whats still left and on sale. TONS MORE OF STUFF SO DEFENTLY GIVE IT A LOOK but heres a quick run of stuff....

Aces & Eights - Still a Threat 7" $2.00
Army Of Fun - S/T 7" $3.00
Blackbirds - S/T 7" $3.50
Bring it On - Only the Strong Survive 7" $2.00
Deep Sleep - Your Screwed 7" $3.00
Double Crossed - Your Attitude Bites 7" $2.00
Fifty On Red - S/T 7" $2.00
Full Nelson - All You Have 7" $3.00
Get A Grip - S/T 7" $3.00
High Stakes/Fortunate Son split 7" $2.00
I Object/F.P.O. Split 7" $3.00
Jaws Of Life - Slime Time 7" $2.50
Look Out Below: A Northwest Hardcore Compilation 7" $2.00
Messageboard Mayhem COMP 7" $1.50
Moment of Youth - Sometimes... 7" $3.50
Names For Graves - Worst Kid Ever e.p. 7" $3.00
Never Enough - Our Will Is Done 7" $2.00
Never Enough/Solid Ground split 7" $2.00
No Idols - S/T 7" $2.00
One Step Forward - Positive Thinking 7" $3.00
Positively Negative - Killing Spree (PICTURE DISK) 7" $2.00
Sick of It All - Death to Tyrants 7" (clear) $3.00
Sick of It All - Death To Tyrants 7" (white) $3.00
Solid Ground - Demo 2004 7" $2.50
When Tigers Fight - S/T 7" $2.50

Heartfelt Discord/One Win Choice (split) LP $5.00
Subzero - Necropolis: City of the Damned LP $5.00

Affirmation - Never Forget CD $5.00
As They Fall - Time Will Tell CD $5.00
Bad Blood - S/T CD $7.00
Crossing Point - S/T CD $5.00
Diehard Youth - 4 years the hard way:the vinyl discography CD $5.00
Fifty on Red - S/T CD $5.00
Hollow Ground - Cold Reality CD $5.00
Moonshine - S/T CD $5.00
Nothing Left to Mourn - Through Thick and thin CD $5.00
Provoke - S/T CD $5.00
TAEA - No Place like home CD $7.00
The Third Degree - Concrete Vacation CD $5.00
Wake Up On Fire - S/T CD $5.00
xLa Familiax - Game Over CD $5.00

We have tons more stuff, these are just the sale items! please stop by and give things a look if you have a spare minute!

also if you have not picked up a copy of the Our Times - S/T 7" that has been marked down as well!

Hardcore For Life

[01 Nov 2006|11:56pm]

Over here at headcount were having a HUGE sale!

most of our stock is actually on sale NEW and OLD stuff.

you can find most CD's to be $5.00 and some 7"s as low as $1.50.

stock is first come first serve and is automatically removed when sold out (HERE TODAY GONE TOMORROW!!)

act quick! the sale is only for the month of November!

THE OUR TIMES 7" and FULL NELSON 7"s are still very available and BOTH are actually on sale as well!!

so much to list and stuff is selling out, im not gonna make a list that would be accurate, come see for yourself whats still up and going!!


anything you can do to help out is appreciated! free stuff in every order!

Out Next: Full Nelson - Placement 7" (hcr-04)

please pass the word on to your friends!! thanks for the support!!
Hardcore For Life

[23 Oct 2006|11:14pm]

this is just an awesome song to get you ready for halloween.



Hardcore For Life

[08 Sep 2006|05:38pm]

Headcount Records UPDATE (9/8/06)

Headcount #3 will be out VERY soon, it will be a new 7" for Virginia's Full Nelson. This will be the bands second 7" making the first one Obsolete. Keep your eyes and hears peeled, you can get a preview of the newer songs on their myspace www.myspace.com/fullnelson
this will be a split release with specimen 32 records.

Our Times s/t 7" still going strong! available still in our shop as well as most hardcore distros online/offline. if you would like to carry it or swap some please get in contact!(at bottom of page)

just got a bunch of new stuff in the distro plus a ton of restocks. Gravemistake Records is probably one of the best labels going right now so we defently nabbed pretty much everything they are doing...some of their newer projects you should check out

Cardiac Arrest - Lifes a Deadend 7"
Brand new EP from these Midwest ragers! On their second EP, St. Louis CARDIAC ARREST deliver six more ripping tracks of fast and pissed hardcore, reminiscent of early boston bands like NEGATIVE FX or the F.U.s. If you picked up their debut 7, you should have an idea of what to expect, only better the second time around! Clocking in six songs at approximately six minutes, this EP will have you floored before you even realize what hit you. Short, fast, raw, abrasive and in your face, exactly how hardcore was meant to be played. This is a split release with NO WAY RECORDS.

Cloak Dagger - Pinata 7"
The highly anticipated debut EP from Richmond, VAs CLOAK/DAGGER. PINATA delivers up four sonic blasts of raw, no-frills punk rock, attacking you with a full on barrage of BLACK FLAG-esque guitar riffage combined with a driving rhythm and infectious choruses guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Abrasive and addictive, this slab of wax wont leave your turntable

Other sweet stuff we have picked up recently....

Army Of Fun - S/T 7"
Fast traditional hardcore from Richmond Virginias Yuth.

SeaSick/Don't Wake Up split 7"
Debut 7" from two new NJ punk/thrash bands Seasick and Don't Wake Up. The bastard children of Black Flag and Limp Wrist.

Black SS/Raining Bricks split 7"
This is the debut release for Chicago's Raining Bricks which is comprised of members of Plan Of Attack. Think AC/DC mixed with Black Flag. Next up is Black SS from Syracuse. They already have a 7" out on Third Party Records and a CD that just came out on Reaper Records. What's not to like about a band that plays blistering fast hardcore and has an unholy infatuation of wrestling. Think Kill Your Idols meets Slapshot and you have a good idea on what BSS is about.

A.N.S./Deadpoint split 7"
This is a brand new split with Deadpoint and ANS. Only have a couple copies, i picked up from them. Copies are Hand Numbered Out of 200.

Radical Attack - Priority LP/CD
The Newest installment by Canada's Straight Edge Hardcore Speed Kings. Comes on Clear Vinyl

check these as well as everything else in our webshop! (international shipping has not been fixed, however you can still order and just paypal the extra shipping after the transaction is made.) USA orders your fine no matter what.


Hardcore For Life

[15 Aug 2006|01:34am]


4 7"s= $9.00
4 CDs= $25

check it out, first come first serve!


also, just in!

ex-crucial unit
Boston, MA stop-and-start hardcore punk. Like Gang of Four at the speed of Deep Wound with a touch of Husker Du and Nausea. Or like Walls of Jericho meets Capitalist Casualties meets the Minutemen. 300 press
Hardcore For Life

[07 Aug 2006|10:07pm]

I ordered a few shirts of havocrex.com and that was about 3 weeks ago and I still haven't recieved them. Is it normal forthem to take a long time to send stuff out.
Hardcore For Life

[06 Aug 2006|03:52pm]

Just got in a whole bunch of new stuff including the new ANS and Common Enemy Records. Got some New Black SS amongst other things like the New Radical Attack LP and CD.


Also still got lots of the Our Times 7"
Hardcore For Life

[17 Jul 2006|05:57pm]


Hardcore For Life

[02 Jul 2006|01:48pm]

1Took the OathHardcore For Life

[28 Jun 2006|12:06am]

we just got our entire distro into this shop. its pretty cool, give it a look

hardcore, punk, thrash, grind, whatever

Hardcore For Life

[11 May 2006|10:26pm]

if you order 5+ 7"s shipping will be FREE (USA only)
Just for kicks, every 3 records you order you get $1 off.
if you order 6 records its free shipping and $2 off. 9 records $3 off. you get the idea.

Im about to make a large order and im just trying to move out what i currently have.

I will ship globally, when asking for a price please specify where you are located.


New Releases - $4

AAS - Get The Fuck Out (go records) x4
About To Snap - S/T (specimen 32) x4
Betrayed - Addiction ep (bridge 9) x1
Breakdown - The '87 Demo (dead serious) x3
Chainbreaker - S/T (vendetta)
Deadfall - Keep Telling Yourself its Okay (tankcrimes/PBP) x2
Deadfall - Comrades ep (625thrash) x1
Fifty On Red - S/T (dead and gone) x3
Formaldehyde Junkies - Are a Total Wreck (firestarter) x2
For The Worse - s/t (bridge 9) x1
Full Nelson - All You Have (sike out) x10
Get A Grip - s/t (strike 3) x4
Gut Instinct - Disturbing the Peace e.p. (A389) x4
Jaws of Life - Slime Time (carte blanche) x1
The Kill Decibel - s/t (specimen 32) x4
Let Down - s/t (doppleganger) x3
Moment of Youth - Sometimes... (firestarter) x3
Names For Graves - Worst Kid Ever e.p (specimen 32) x3
Names For Graves - Version 2.1 (refuse) x2
Outburst - Miles To Go (dead serious) x4
Our Times - S/t (headcount) Xenough
Ratbyte - S/T (FNS) x3
Riff Raff - Lowlifer (eating rats) x3
Ruiner - What Could possibly go right? (firestarter) x4
Slumlords - Circus Freaks (give and take) x1
Solid Ground - Demo 2004 (dead serious) x9
Walk the Plank - S/T (zandor) x1
Wasted Time - S/T (grave mistake) x1
When Tigers Fight - S/t (surprise attack) x1

The Spark/Deathcycle (burnbridges) x1
Down To Nothing/On Thin Ice (gravemistake) x2
Medic/Triac (reptillian) x4
Ruiner/Day of the Dead (vendetta) x4

Everything Else ($3)

Aces and Eights - Still a Threat (Ghost Town) x2
Aftermath - DFC (firestarter) x1
Aftermath - Goodbye to Washington (gravemistake) x2
Boris Karlof - Run for Your Life (vulture) x1
Bring It On - Only the Strong Survive (A389) x7
Bullet Treatment - The Bigger the Better (basement) x1
The Bust Ghosters - Cowboy Love (good goodbye) x1
Case of Emergency - S/T (tankcrimes) x1
Common Enemy - Lets Have Fun (sick of talk) x1
Damage Done - City of Hope (rival) x1
Destrux - Enter the Thrash Kick (PBP) x3
Double Crossed - Your Attitude Bites (lifeline) x4
Disease Called Man - s/t (DCM) x2
Drain This Blood - Content for Tradition (flatspot) x1
Everyday Dollars - S/t (a389) x3
Face Defeat - s/t (courage to care) x2
Face x Up - demo 2005 (courage to care) x3
Hold True - Invincible (third party) x2
In My Way - s/t (a389) x3
I Object - America Today (still holding on) x3
The Little Rascals - Wig Out at Asa's (collapse) x1
Murder Suicide Pact - Lobotomy Kit (burrito) x3
Never Enough - Our Will Is done (firestarter) x3
No Idols - S/t (grave mistake) x1
Nux Vomica - the uninspired (firestarter) x3
Positively Negative - Killing Spree (kangaroo) x2
POW - S/T (party time) x1
Positron - s/t (mad at the world) x1
Race Against Time - Depths of the Antbed (burrito) x1
Right On - No Joke (malfunction) x1
The Spark - Fashion Rats and Status Whores (mike fitzgerald) x1
Slogan Boy - This Record (hate the 80's) x1
Sodomized by Marcia Brady - s/t (burrito) x2
Team Effort - The Third Age (good news) x1
Terrorain - 1988 demo (burrito) x1
Thumbs Up! - Were all Fucked (room 13) x2
Until Today - In The Distance (third party) x2
Voetsek - Tinea Cruris (six weeks) x3
Where the Mark - Thrown to the Wolves (straight on) x1
What Hope Remains - s/t (courage to care) x2

Afi/Swinging Utters (sessions) x1
A Warm Gun/MAGRUDERGRIND (misfire) x3
Bail Out/The Spark (rosewater) x1
Bad Eating Habits/Reason of Insanity (psychowolf) x3
Cannonball/This Means War (poker face) x2
Common Enemy/The Twats (overdose on records) x2
Common Enemy/Eyes of Hate (scene destroyer) x2
High Stakes/Fortunate Son (good news) x2
How The West Was Won COMP (miricle mile/in your face/try harder/where eagles dare) x1
Messageboard Mayhem COMP (the distance/time to pay/24hours to live/pull the pin/foutunate son) x4
Shitfit/Moment of Youth (malfunction) x4
My Revenge/FPO (third party) x1
Never Enough/Solid Ground (vendetta) x2
Crucial Attack/Radical Attack (ghost town) x4
Sidetracked/Summerleague (pave the way) x1
Spitfires United/Alleged Bricks (torque) x1
Special Duties/Violent Society (soap and spikes) x1
This Means War/Cannon Ball (poker face) x2

PM/ask on here/or email me: Headcountrecords@gmail.com for availibilty.

This sale will continue until i decide its over, which probably wont be for a bit
Hardcore For Life




we're a 4-piece hardcore thrash band from minsk, belarus (check your maps, eh). we play fast, short and loud. lyrics mainly deal with all the fucked up things that are all around us - police state, bureaucracy, homophobia, neonazis, etc. most of us played in different bands before and some are still involved in other bands. all of us are pretty active members of the local diy punk/hardcore community.

at the moment we're trying to arrange our first ever european tour for this summer (july - august). we'd like to play at so many places as possible to meet new people, make friends and have fun. we only need money to cover road expenses and bus rent, veggie food and a place to stay at (average wage out here is about $200/month and it's pretty tough for us to loose money). in return you'll get 4 weirdos from out of nowhere and 20+ minutes of thrash mayhem.

we don't have anything recorded yet, except this intro - http://www.myspace.com/pulloutaneye (actually we play almost twice faster). but we're working on it and i hope we'll record a 10-song demo by may. and if you're dying to hear us we can mail you a rehearsal tape.

if you can help us out to book some gigs in your area, please mail me back or forward this message to your friends who may be interested in p.o.a.e. if you're not. thanks in advance. peace.


p.s. i'm not into message boards at all. maybe you can advise me some so i could post this info there too.
Hardcore For Life

[26 Feb 2006|03:56pm]


a word filter on a certain message board changed posi-core to pussy-core. that was not my writting, i just copyed and pasted.
2Took the OathHardcore For Life

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